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Owner/Founder I USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach 

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Elisheva's passion to share the love and power of gymnastics is the backbone of Empower gymnastics. Elisheva has been teaching and running her own gymnastics program for over 10 years and has taught over a thousand satisfied students. She is driven by the smiles of satisfaction and joy gymnastics breeds. Gymnastics is a lot more than skills, it is a direct line to building strong, confident and happy people. As a child, Elisheva spent more time on her hands than feet, and still does!

"Gymnastics never stays at the gym, when done right it becomes integrated as a crucial part of our self-expression and vitality."



Deena Sabol

USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach

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My passion and love for gymnastics started at the age of 9, when I was first introduced to the sport. I fell in love with it and decided to give it my all! Very soon I found myself on team, competeing on a national level and traveling all ove the USA.

I now share my love and passion for the sport with my students by helping them develope the skills necessary to reach their highest potential. My goal is not only the skills but to empower my stduents by giving them a positive and fun experience. 


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Loucadia, aka “Cadia,” has over 15 years of gymnastics and cheerleading coaching experience. She was formally a high-level USAG trained gymnast, who transitioned into a collegiate level cheerleader, a high school gymnastics judge and cheer coach, as well as an all-star cheerleading coach.
She believes that the Gymnastics gym should be an environment which is centered in love. A safe space where athletes of all ages, different backgrounds and walks of life are welcomed, embraced, and encouraged to be their authentic selves. She thrives in truly connecting with every athlete that she encounters and making an impact on their lives inside and outside of the gym.

Cadia is a natural born teacher and student, and it is evident in her co-learning coaching style. Although she is coaching and teaching her athletes while pushing them to the best of their abilities, she’s simultaneously learning each individual athlete’s personal strengths and challenges to better equip them with skills and confidence to grow far past the world of gymnastics! 

- Cadia


Lexi Larsen

USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach

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I have had a passion for gymnastics my entire life! After being a competitive gymnast for over 10 years and I have now continued my passion for gymnastics through coaching. 

My favorite thing about coaching is watching my students light up when they get a new skill. The excitement is truly contagious!
My goal as a coach is to help my students earn new skills and graduate to the next level while maintaining safety and having lots of fun:)

Lexi Gilpan

USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach

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I've been doing gymnastics since I was 7 year old..and now I just can't stop! I loved it so much that I started teaching my siblings, friends and others at my own home!

I love to see my students' accomplishments and the smiles on their faces when they aquire new skills.

It is my greatest pleasure watching my students empower themselves through gymnastics!

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I have been inspiring young gymnasts since 1993.  When my competitive career ended, my coaching career began. I am a former EMT and retired State Correctional Sergeant.  My years of training and competing in an gym that was like a second home to me has encouraged me to help each gymnast truly believe in themselves. I believe in positive coaching and have motivated several of my former students to become gymnastics instructors.

“The best part about being a coach is seeing my students smiles” 

- Andrea



USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach

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My interest in gymnastics emerged at a very young age. I began taking lessons at only 5 years old and I have continued to enjoy the sport ever since.
Using my positive energy and friendly nature I empower my students to gain skills and build the confidence to succeed.
"I love helping others learn to appreciate this fun sport, as I have!"


USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach

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I have been a gymnastic enthusiast for over 6 years, my passion is contagious! I pride myself in my unique ability to identify each student’s talents and help them unleash their potential. I especially enjoy watching my students progress and love putting  smiles on their faces.

"My primary goal as a coach is to help my gymnasts fall in love with the sport as I have, while emphasizing form, technique, and discipline so they can challenge themselves in a fun and safe environment!"


USAG Certified Gymnastics Coach

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Since I was a child I have been flipping off the walls and cartwheeling around the house! When I am doing gymnastics I feel like I can do anything!
"I am so grateful for the opportunity to give my students that same awesome feeling I felt and help them reach their highest potential."