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Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is always open!

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Empower Gymnastics caters to all skill levels from beginner to advanced.

Whether learning cartwheels, full twists, back-handsprings, or forward rolls, our trained and professional coaches are here to serve you with patience and positivity. At Empower we strive to create long-lasting positive memories, enabling students to channel their energy and tap into their own abilities. The smiles created in our gym last long after walking out of our doors.

Empower Gymnastics is the place to be!

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Complete the assessment by answering YES or NO to the questions and then proceed to the schedule to choose your class based on the recommendation provided.

Our current semester runs through the 2023-24 school year. 


Cancellations can be made anytime there is no minimum commitment necessary! 

Monthly tuition rates:

 Standard classes - $119 

Private lessons - $459 ($345 - 45 minutes)

Semi private lessons - $229 - 2 students, $154 - 3 students & $139 - 4 students

*Annual registration/insurance fee - $59 - 1st student, $39 - 2nd student, $29 - 3rd student.

Every Empower gymnast receives a FREE sweatshirt upon registration!


“My daughter absolutely loves Empower! She wishes she could go daily! It is so well run, the coaches are amazing. They’re sweet, super talented and very encouraging. Every single day my daughter came home with another new skill. The camaraderie of all of the girls is great and they all support each other!”

Mrs. Zeiger

Proud Mom of Empower Gymnast Simi, 12

“Empower is different because they don’t just pretend you’re doing something right when you’re not. They don’t move on until you actually learn the skill. And I like that we’re in groups by level, not by grade. Everyone is learning the same thing and isn’t just waiting around for other kids to learn something they already know.”


Empower Gymnast, 10

“This is the first extracurricular program my daughter was just as excited to attend on the last day as she was the first.”

Esti Waldman

Proud Mom of Empower Gymnast, Nava

“Elisheva and her coaches are fabulous and give the kids such a good time! They work with them while giving them a great time which makes it is so easy for both parents and kids. We love the chilled vibe and fun gymnastics! I loved also that my son had an opportunity to take gymnastics as there are not many opportunities like that in Lakewood!
Empower is highly recommended. I would send all my kids! My son counted down the days till gymnastics!”

Mrs Gut

Proud Mom of Empower Gymnast Yechezkel, 6

“Empower Gymnastics is a top notch program! They combine professionalism, skill, fun and warmth to create a program that has the girls waiting all week to go back for more!! The girls become amazing gymnasts while also gaining confidence, strength and great friends! Empower has the reputation for churning out the best gymnasts…for good reason!! Thank you Elisheva and the whole Empower team!”

Mrs G.

Proud Mom of Empower Gymnast, 10

“My daughter loved every week at Empower! She learned so much throughout the year and had a great time doing it. Her gymnastics really improved and she loves to practice at home!”

Mrs. K

Proud Mom of Empower Gymnast Ilana, 6

“My girls have taken gymnastics in many local gyms. My girls are sold! Best coaches, warm atmosphere, and loads of progress. The coaches make each girl feel like they are the best of the best. Miss a Sunday at Empower?!? Chas v’shalom – our everything revolves around Empower! Thanks a million! Looking forward to another awesome season.”

Mrs. Thav

Proud Mom of 2 Empower Gymnasts, 7 and 14

“The coaches are great at motivating us and teaching us tricks to be able to figure out new skills that can be difficult otherwise.”


Empower Gymnast, 11

“My daughter has been in gymnastics for a few years and only once she switched to Empower Gym did she finally learn skills that she has never been able to learn before. Very nice atmosphere with very nice coaches.”

Mrs. Kaplan

Proud Mom of Empower Gymnast Riki, 11

“I’m so grateful for Empower gymnastics, my daughter came home home learning new skills each and every week!!! Her confidence was built tremendously thanks for all your hard work!!

Mrs. Podolsky

Proud Mom of Empower Gymnast Goldy, 9

“My daughter had the most amazing experience at Empower Gymnastics! She looked forward to going every week and accomplished so much under Elisheva and other coaches ! We so appreciate the positive experience that built her physically and emotionally! This is definitely the best gymnastic experience we have had!!!”

Mrs. Zelcer

Proud Mom of Empower Gymnast Tzivie, 10

“My girls have learned so much taking classes at Empower! Their whole week revolves around gymnastics classes. The atmosphere at Empower is so loving. Every accomplishment is celebrated and cheered by everyone! I especially love how tailored the classes are to ensure that each child is achieving her goals. They have grown so much, both physically and in their strength in character. “

Mrs. Krausz

Proud Mom of 3 Empower Gymnasts